We are a team of medical professionals who are passionate towards revolutionizing medical care via Tele-medicine. The aim is to encourage and boost preventive care which ultimately contributes to a better patient outcome or prognosis. The long wait to get attended to or the absence of medical personnel at various medical facilities often time discourages patients and leads to self-care or medication. These are some of the factors that are responsible for the high morbidity and mortality rate in our country. The percentage of Nigerians who use the services of family doctors is not encouraging. All these factors influences the outcome of healthcare delivery in Nigeria. We are determined to bridge this gap and by providing a safe and secure platform where citizens can connect with care-givers of varying specialties from anywhere at any time to get quality medical care and referrals.


To encourage and boost family medicine and preventive care via telemedicine and Artificial intelligence, in order to reduce morbidity and mortality, which will ultimately result in a better patient outcome(prognosis).


To make quality medical care accessible to all Nigerians, anywhere and anytime.

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